Fall 2015 1-day Igniting a Passion Workshops


Fall  2015 workshops with Barry Lane  Register Today to Save Your Space  


 Igniting a Passion for Non-Fiction Writing :

 a Dynamic 1 day Writing Workshop with Barry Lane :

 Bring engagement and vigor to expository writing instruction

and send Test scores off the charts!

  Click on Link for more info and to Register today!  Price $239 per person.


                             Boston MA  October 20

                             Hartford  CT   October 21  

                             Philadelphia   October 27                         

                             Mcallen   November 4

                              El Paso    November 6

                              Houston  November 9

                              Dallas      November 10

                              New Braunfels (San Antonio)   November 12

                              Austin    November 13  

                              Lexington KY  December 7 

                               Orlando  FL   December 9


For teachers 3 and up and all teachers of writing

“Amazing, we increased STAAR writing scores from 30% to 73% passing in one year using Barry’s strategies’

                                         Melissa Skinner, Principal, Charlotte,Tx

Registration   $239 per person

(Principals attend free when three teachers register from the school)


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What a wealth of ideas! Mr. Lane provides wonderful techniques to use in the classroom while at the same time being entertaining and a delight. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in any area of education.                                     Maelynn Webb , grade 4

I had no idea how to light a fire under my students–Now I do! I feel like I have the tools and confidence to guide students successfully on their writing journey.                                      Amy Francis

Excellent seminar. Every teacher/administrator should attend. It will change what you do in the classroom to help students become more successful in their writing.                  Jim Moon, Principal

I have learned numerous strategies and ideas that I am very excited about implementing in the classroom. Moreover, Barry Lane’s training is suitable for ELA teachers at every grade level!         Cicely Driver  grade 7

I absolutely loved this workshop! It was just what I needed. I am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained today! Lauren Webb, grade  3

My STAAR scores improved dramatically after implementing ideas I learned from Barry Lane, but more than that, my students now love to write.  Mary Burke, grade  4

Amazing ideas, simple to implement–yet so exciting for my students!

Amy Byrd, grade 4

The best workshop I have attended. The lessons are simple, but super effective for younger and older students.              

Naomi Fuentes, 11th grade