Igniting a Passion Handouts

agenda for 2 day workshop

The Implementers Oath

Peter Greene’a Not Quitting Letter

Power Point Slides

Expository Text Structures

Video Text Structure: Cody is a Strange Dog

Cody Text structure

Proof Sandwich 2

Proof Sandwich 3

I Would Like to be a…

Links to Support Essay Writing

Gretchen Bernabei’s STAAR Remediation Packets

Visual Writing prompts

Writing Fix: Lessons and Mentor Texts

10 Tips to Bring Back the Passion of Teaching

Unpublished Appendix to But How Do You Teach Writing

51 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature

Grammar Resources

The Giggly Guide to Grammar

Grammargiggle  (Free iPad app)

Grammar Keeper Posters  from Gretchen Bernabei

STAAR Grammar testing parameters

Comma Quest

Wacky We-Search for the State Standards

What better way to engage students in multi-genre writing then Wacky We-search, collaborative non-fiction research assignments that create deep thinking and belly laughs. Perfect for students who don’t care about grades or tests but love getting laughs. Download the Common Core Alignment in case

Sample Chapter of 51 Wacky We-Search Reports

Wacky Standards Alignment

Video : Flapper Fondue : A Wacky We-Search Report

Video: I high school History teacher explains why she uses Wacky We-search

The Wacky Website

Barry’s Songs

Barry’s Parody Protest Songs

Force Field for Good

Lane’s Recycled Fairy Tales


Six Word Memoirs

Del Corozon: Voices from the Valley Sample Bilingual Poems

Poetry and Songs from FFFG

Word Groups from Poetry Inside Out, Sanford Lyne

Splitting an Order by Ted Kooser