Zoom Writing Workshops

Barry Lane
Barry Lane

“Barry Lane is one of the finest speakers on the teaching of writing. His combination of warmth, insight, and energy is magical. My colleagues and I left our day with Barry with full hearts and high spirits, ready to bring new strategies and new energy into our writing workshops.” Lucy Calkins

Note from Barry:

Since the Covid 19 pandemic I have been exploring new ways to share with teachers and students what we know already: The best motivation for the writing is writing itself. Join me for learning new ways to bridge the distance and focus on instruction that opens minds and hearts.

Here is a short list of workshop titles I have been offering online. Call me to discuss your needs at 802 345 9193. My workshops come with digital books and handouts and can vary in length from 2 hours to 3 5 hour days. Prices are very reasonable. Call or text for details.

Bridging the Distance: Online Writing Instruction that Motivates and Engages Students

The Art of Revision

Writing and Laughing Across the Curriculum

We are Writers: Teaching Writing from a Writer’s Perspective

Teaching Art of Essay Writing even when the World sees it as a Science

Force Field for Good: Using Song and Story to Teach Kindness

After THE END: Teaching and Learning Creative Revision