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Grammar the Fun Way



A completely serious 605 page grammar curriculum done in a completely silly way.

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Plug, Project, Print, Practice


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Our Number one Bestseller!


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GrammarGiggle (Free Ipad App)

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Giggly Teacher edition with cd filled with lessons, posters and PP slides


New Products

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Second edition of a Heinemann Classic

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12 Weeks to Joyful Literacy (book and dvd)


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A yearlong kindness curriculum (book and dvd)


Learn comma rules through story and song

Writing and Revision and Essay Writing

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A goldmine of revision lessons

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Video lessons for teachers


 Revision lessons for students (DVD book)

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 3-minute funny Writing Craft Lessons (book and DVD)

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A journal companion for teachers and students

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Writing as a path to healing


Wacky We-Search is Weally Wigorous

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82 two page lessons in argument writing

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Teaching essay structure without formula

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Video lessons from Gretchen

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World shaking pedagogy from Tom Newkirk

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A simple guide to teaching writing

Vocabulary Instruction and Kinesthetic Learning

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30 lessons that plug into kids brains


Video lessons with Alana (comes with a copy of Vocabulary Unplugged

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A years worth of kinesthetic learning lessons


Video lessons from master teacher Carol Glynn

Slam Poetry and Sportswriting

Scan 1

Lessons from a slam master (book and DVD)

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New Times best book for teenage boys

Barry Lane’s Songs


Fractured fairy tale songs

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An album of education protest songs

Scan 29

18 songs about kindness for children


Buy Barry’s songs on Bandcamp at a discount

Children’s Books

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This funny book teaches main idea to students

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Dottie teaches children to see their positive qualities

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A child’s first prayer book with DVD animation

Self-Help and Humor

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Book and DVD that helps you clear out the clutter

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The only book of diet poetry

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A Keynote by Barry Lane about teaching with humor


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A play about a young girl’s martyrdom

Scan 17

DVD of the play

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