Revision: How to Teach it, Learn it, Love it! (A one day workshop for teachers 3-12)

Bring  Joy to Teaching Revision and Help Students Excel on the STAAR Test (Click on location for information)

Revision is so much more than just correcting or redoing writing. It is the process seeing new possibility and creating new direction in your writing.

Whether your school uses a writing program or you are a teacher looking to find your own way, this 1 day workshop will breathe new life into your teaching of revision and show you how to be master of your own writing class. Ideas in this workshop will also help Texas students score high on the STAAR Writing Test. 

"If you're not excited about teaching writing after this workshop you may need to check your pulse."    Billy Morrison, 6th grade teacher

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Richardson, TX,  November 6

Austin, TX,  November 7

Fort Worth, TX, December 3

Houston, TX, December 4

San Antonio,TX, December 5

McAllen, TX, December 6