Writing Reboot Camp: A 2 day Summer Class for Teachers 3-12

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Have you lost your passion for teaching writing or not found it yet? Has writing become more of a predictable performance and less of an art? Do your students groan when it’s time to write because they see writing as filling in simple outlines or following prescribed formulas instead of discovering their own unique voices? Do your students see elaboration as just adding more stuff because they are supposed to?

If so, you might need a Writing Reboot: a two day class where you, think, write, and learn dozens of ways to create a class of real writers who elaborate their ideas and craft real meaning in whatever genre they write. Whether your school uses a writing program or you are a teacher looking to find your own way, this 2 day writing workshop will breathe new life into your teaching and show you how to be master of your own writing class. You will stop following scripts and start teaching with your heart.

"If you're not excited about teaching writing after this workshop you may need to check your pulse."    Billy Morrison, 6th grade teacher

A Writing JoyFest : 2 Day Writing Workshop with Ralph Fletcher and Barry Lane