Parking Lot PD

Parking Lot PD with Barry Lane

Become the writing teacher of your dreams. PD for individual teachers. Limit of 9 teachers per meeting.

$39 2 Hour Zoom workshops with Barry Lane (each session includes a free digital book)

For teachers 3-12 , Literacy Coaches, ELL Teachers and Reading Specialists


Creating the Writing Vibe from a Distance

August 19 1 PM EDT—3 PM EDT

August 20 9 AM—11 PM EDT

August 25 1 PM—3 PM EDT

August 26. 9 AM—11 AM EDT

August 27 9 AM—11 AM EDT

Praise for past workshops

“This workshop gave me what I came here for: inspiration, ideas, motivation, validation. It has recharged my batteries. This year I will be the teacher of my dreams.” Kelly Junot, 10th grade teacher

I have been to training after training and this, by far, is the best I’ve attended. Everything in this training can help my students. Angela Faison, High School, special ed.

I have never ever felt like this at a workshop before. I want to thank you with all my heart for helping me grow and gain knowledge of how to be myself and how to let my students be themselves. Carla Martin, 8th grade teacher

You have changed the way I see writing. I believe in myself as a writer thanks to you. I now know how to teach the children how to write. Selena Reyes, 4th grade teacher

Absolutely the best workshop I have attended. Before this workshop, I taught writing like a robot. Barry has taught me that I can write meaningful text. I will never teach the same. Connie Meadors, 7th grade teacher

Barry has given us great resources to create joy in writing. I learned that I have to give students the ability and time to WRITE WHAT THEY THINK, not what everyone wants them to think. Jennifer Hamilton, 4th grade teacher

This workshop was an explosive amalgam of sights and sounds that brought back the Joy of writing to those of us who were becoming cynical because of STAAR. Barry introduced a wealth of ideas and methods that engage as well as allow writing to flow from within. His methods are teacher and student friendly and I cannot wait to use them in my classroom! Jessica Campos-Lozano 4th grade teacher

This is the type of workshop that reminds you why you became a teacher in the first place. Barry reignites your passion for teaching, writing and having fun. Chelsea Kay, 4th grade teacher

Barry is a beautiful soul whose personality is contagious. His “no judgement” attitude allowed for me to get excited about the next day and become comfortable sharing my writing with others. Jennifer Andrea Blanco, 4th grade teacher

Such an enlightening workshop. I cannot put into words how much I have learned from Mr. Lane and how much excitement I am feeling. Mr. Lane has reawakened my passion for teaching writing with all his fantastic ideas. I can only hope to become the writing teacher of my dreams. Mary Catherine Holcomb 7th grade teacher

I loved your workshop. It was exciting, fun, informative, mind opening! Now I’m fired up to go back and be a better teacher! Selma Johnson-Worrell, High School Teacher

“If you’re not excited about teaching writing after this workshop you may need to check your pulse.”    Billy Morrison, 6th grade teacher